Blackout (prod. MENVCE x F12)

Blackout (prod. MENVCE x F12)


Im talking my shit on this one. 413 Tune TF in!!!
Recorded and Engineer By Dj Amir H.K
Mix and Master by Dj Amir H.K (with help of Nick Rannikko)

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  • DJ H.K
    DJ H.K 

    😈🦍 Get hit off a hit list 😈

  • MOB Marsco
    MOB Marsco 

    I aint nevrr coming bacc to the states #413

  • Rj Yungg
    Rj Yungg 

    lets go💪💪💪

  • El Pri
    El Pri 

    he really bout that🥶❄


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