• mermaidfinn

    do you have a link to the art in the background?

  • picklebutter

    the background art makes me wanna cru

  • Jake Caramello
    Jake Caramello 

    This is so good

  • charles galkamax
    charles galkamax 

    I've been looking for a theme for our dnd game and think thi…

  • Leah Merpulo
    Leah Merpulo 

    Nevermind! I am A Fool who is new to SoundCloud so don't eve…

  • Leah Merpulo
    Leah Merpulo 

    Love this subtle drum part right here. Does anyone know wher…

  • MackFullaCats

    Here comes the awesome!! oh this is exquisite

  • Jasla

    This is dope as hell

  • Ship MatchMaker
    Ship MatchMaker 

    dam my dude, this sounds great

  • Pants Ferdinand
    Pants Ferdinand 

    holy shit this part right here kills me i love it