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Nature Bats Last

Nature Bats Last

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  • Brad Heckman
    Brad Heckman 

    I recently "found" NBL and am listening to the archives in reverse chron. I started in May16 and am back to Nov15. I've become addicted to the theme song and like to crank it up. It's pleasurable to revisit my anger for a few seconds. I know you have gone on to other stages, but I'm really happy you did this along the way.

  • Side Tweaks
    Side Tweaks 

    this song really fits in with guy's show

  • Mundafar

    Hey cool stuff! We have Guy appearing on our new site The World Truth Speakers Posse, you seem right up our alley! Check us out on FB get in touch!

  • :: Soul-Existential
    :: Soul-Existential 



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