I Said It To The Moon

I Said It To The Moon

Ingvar Tautra

From todays rehearsal/jam on keys(and synth) - added some guitar as wel. As normal I'm not to worried about playing in the same key all the time. I think it is much more interesting to find new land. Said in other words,…

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  • Craig Winstanley
    Craig Winstanley 

    cool sounds


    The attitude is somehow familiar to me 👍 beautiful work!

  • .47 seconds
    .47 seconds 

    I'd love to write something long and meaningful but i'm not …

  • Walkin' in Pa's Footsteps
    Walkin' in Pa's Footsteps 

    doggone/ awesome jazzN fusion music/smokeN man/Elwar/ a star


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