Episode 4: Weeb Wars, Pt. 1

Episode 4: Weeb Wars, Pt. 1

Andy, Michael, and Tarik play on the astroturf that is one of the more ill-considered lawsuits any ostensible lawyer has ever pushed a "client" to file: Vic Mignona's doomed lawsuit against the #metoo movement. (Part 1 o…

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  • T. Spencer Wise
    T. Spencer Wise 

    Ichiban no Takaramono by LiSA

  • ZorroinArkham

    The insane hypocrisy if legal podcast making fun of legal twitter, your logo should be spider-man pointing at spider-man

  • Lutefisk_GOD

    Nice song choice

  • Rekieta Law
    Rekieta Law 

    You guys are very entertaining. You've got a couple of the background facts wrong, but that's understandable in this huge mess. Let me know if I can clear anything up for you (about me, I'm not interested in contradicting your opinions on the case)


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