Gotta Have It (Prod. Alex Vaughn & Jaylen!)

Gotta Have It (Prod. Alex Vaughn & Jaylen!)

For those who knows what it feels like to level up and accomplish that goal.

Written and Co-Produced: @WhoisAlexVaughn (Myself)

Co-Produced: Jaylen!, Briley Harris, The Hvns (Reggie Volume and PNMA)

Mixed: Briley Har…

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  • Pablo Ortiz
    Pablo Ortiz 

    Heavy 2000' vibes, whole BOP

  • Jody Belafonte
    Jody Belafonte 


  • Paul D-B
    Paul D-B 

    Phenomenal track!

  • $LUM G0D3$$--
    $LUM G0D3$$-- 

    The opening for this just sets up how great song is about to…


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