• LenticularGalaxy 3.0

    *cries in five other languages*

  • NinjaNerd

    Cole, you will be sorely missed. Thank you for the best ten …

  • Muzical


    · 1y

    Something's in my eye...

  • lluvvmeee

    thank you kirby morrow for being an excellent actor u are lo…

  • kirb


    · 1y

    Thank you for being Cole for all these years, Kirby Morrow. …

  • Julianne Twining

    How many times have I cried to this? At least 21

  • Tree🌲🌳

    *sniffles at first, tears start rolling, next minute; me baw…

  • KittenishSine8

    I hope this is the credit music for Ninjago 2021. RIP Kirby …