• Knos Music
    Knos Music 

    Sorry mate, I listened to your tracks, but even tho I see th…

  • YYUNGG21

    Yessirrr imma sub follow allat rn

  • lil Bobo
    lil Bobo 

    I really like it man! keep it up 💯🔥

  • LuvCurt (@luvcurto)
    LuvCurt (@luvcurto) 

    Ok i like the flow and hook its catchy... The autontune can …

  • Papi0o

    I like it ! Keep doin this u sound like pro

  • Dillan Gino
    Dillan Gino 

    This slides i fw this it go mad hard mane this is clean as h…

  • Himself TheMajor
    Himself TheMajor 

    🙌🏼you never dissapoint i love this

  • Shentss

    This flow is hard and emotional

  • Subliminal

    nice story telling vibe keep it up as not many do this now

  • Salty Palm
    Salty Palm 

    Another one nice, consistent keep it up.