Archon Mode - Instrumental

Archon Mode - Instrumental

Archmage Band II

As part of the "Jamuary" Challenge organised by @starsmightyfine here's our latest magic-themed track, Archon Mode. It refers to an overflowing of arcane energy and power in a fantasy story sense. We used Reason Compact …

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  • MrDjBigHouse

    This is Awesome ⚫️▪️🖤⚫️▪️🖤⚫️▪️🖤⚫️▪️🖤⚫️▪️🖤⚫️▪️🖤⚫️▪️🖤

  • rdt


    · 5mo

    very cool

  • Tot.


    · 6mo

    Ah~ This is the beginning of 2024~ Sorry 🙇✨Lol This also lo…

  • Magi©ian™ (Making music make a difference)

    great retro feel to this Happy New Year to you both


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