• AC

    Dope song🔥,go checkout my first single !

  • Miracle Martin
    Miracle Martin 

    Giunwine last change song and it so Good. And. I love. Giunw…

  • Tracey Smith
    Tracey Smith 


  • Diane Piecre
    Diane Piecre 

    love this song

  • Terence Washington
    Terence Washington 


  • Joy Harton
    Joy Harton 

    Hey Ginuwine what's up This is Joy I like you're songs u And…

  • LunaDusTwirlz

    I already played it lol nice beat.

  • Dominique Harris
    Dominique Harris 

    lol yea i now i feel u on thar i use to play this for my ex …

  • LYFE Goes In
    LYFE Goes In 

    my baby dad

  • IPresentEB

    this my jam