Levelled (feat. The Bawl Slant)

Levelled (feat. The Bawl Slant)

Brian Butts

Brian Butts - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys, Arr.
The Bawl Slant - Vocals, Lyrics, Background Vocals, Vocal Melody soundcloud.com/bawl-slant

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  • Sky Latte
    Sky Latte 

    Very impressive riff and unique soundscape. Impressive track…

  • Vjekoslav Boric
    Vjekoslav Boric 

    Great riff Reminds me of Vernon Reid's Cult Of Personality r…

  • WE$

    i like this sound

  • Clark Hopkins
    Clark Hopkins 

    The lyrics are doozy!!! Really cool song and first class wor…


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