• Kenny (@shefwluhken)

    one of the hardest flows ever bro

  • Voice of No-One

    Nice guitar work and vocals, keep it up.

  • Axioms of Mediocrity

    Cool sound. I see what you're trying to do, but the music st…

  • violet222

    I love the instrumentals Nicee goes hard :D

  • Catoon


    · 1mo

    The guitar sounds great, very warm and fuzzy

  • BBAM


    · 1mo

    pretty cool

  • Noah Weissman

    Slaps bro great work in the stu

  • knockz


    · 2mo

    I love thé slow flow it suits you

  • The Eyelash

    such cool oceanic vibes, love the guitar

  • Los never

    Los never

    · 2mo

    es ta muy bien la canicon es increible