Remaster: Captain - Space Debris (spacedeb.mod)

Remaster: Captain - Space Debris (spacedeb.mod)


Giving this classic mod some decibels.

The composition and samples are 100% original, this is just giving it a new mix with love.

Original (by Captain, not me!):…uleid&query=57925

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  • Edoardo De Cesaris
    Edoardo De Cesaris 

    You know, if you can remix a melody that was so perfect in t…

  • E.T. Marillion
    E.T. Marillion 

    Great stuff!! Old Faithful Fast Tracker ;-)

  • User 115472515
    User 115472515 

    Sounds like something from Need for Madness. Well done!

  • Cyber$torm_64&1/2

    This song is a very intersting one


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