540 - It’s Coming Rome feat. Patrick Wyman (7/12/21)

540 - It’s Coming Rome feat. Patrick Wyman (7/12/21)

Chapo Trap House

We’re joined by Tides of History’s Patrick Wyman today to take a historical look on things, starting with a brief discussion of the assassination of Haitian president Moïse, and the increasing privatization of violence. …

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  • dubb normal
    dubb normal 

    don't forget US troops

  • Dic Proles
    Dic Proles 

    does anyone have further readings on this?

  • Zechariah Denzer
    Zechariah Denzer 

    Where's that little Mo Money Mo Problems instrumental from?

  • Nate Simmons 5
    Nate Simmons 5 

    the witch is awesone


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