Episode 61 - Who Makes The Nazis? feat. @RickyRawls (11/24/16)

Episode 61 - Who Makes The Nazis? feat. @RickyRawls (11/24/16)

Chapo Trap House

A Turkey Day treat for all! Our pal T (@RickyRawls) stops by the Park Slope Mansion to discuss his run-ins with the Anime Nazis/alt-right, their racial narcissism, and how Leon Festinger's "When Prophecy Fails" applies t…

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  • Peach Walls
    Peach Walls 

    never nude and mad! lovin my slacks!

  • gamerunknown

    being nude online rules

  • CallofourAncestors

    Let's fill up Nigeria with 500 million Chinese people. If th…

  • Christopher Snape
    Christopher Snape 

    When Prophecy Fails sounds like the sunken cost fallacy


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