THE BEAT on AMW-FM guest mix

THE BEAT on AMW-FM guest mix

Clay van Dijk

This is my set that i played life at "The BEAT" radioshow from Miss Dominguez & T-Gray on Amsterdam Most Wanted FM. Thanks for the invite my friends, it was great to be in the show! 🙏❤️

01. Don Longton - Earth Is Bleed…

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  • Pickkie 1
    Pickkie 1 

    Kutjelauwwww deze is weer heerlijk

  • Dj Phoenix Rising
    Dj Phoenix Rising 

    Thos is suck a brilliant Mix. Fantastic selection of track a…

  • Ruben Karapetyan
    Ruben Karapetyan 

    Thanks for Support Clay!!!

  • Callecat

    Lekkere mix Clement!


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