Yello Wolf Blues

Yello Wolf Blues

This piano-centered, bluesy ballad-like track brings you a mood of soft yet strong feelings of a foggy Sunday afternoon, thoughtful, passionate memories, hopes, and longings. Subtly orchestrated with warm strings and dou…

Recent comments

  • Aspect Zero
    Aspect Zero 

    love the close sound of this piano. beautiful

  • Tony Doubek
    Tony Doubek 

    I really love the combination of sounds you're using along with the piano. It adds this really cool dimension to the piece.

  • Karin-Maria Brunner
    Karin-Maria Brunner 

    very nice!

  • Robert Paterson Composer
    Robert Paterson Composer 

    Very unique and interesting track. I've never heard anything quite like it. The gliss sound in the background really gives it an interesting feel.


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