Drugs (prod. splashgvng)

Drugs (prod. splashgvng)

dead broke

Na Na Na

Act like you've been suprised, girl its wintertime,
that time of year when we fight almost every night,
scream through your lungs that you hate me in every way,
why do I love you and give you my everything


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  • 𝐋4𝚂7x𝔹ℝ347ℍ

    FUCKKKKK!!! 😞

  • baron mvlberry

    if you said, Get down on the ground so I can shoot you I'd r…

  • dead broke

    dead broke

    Verified badge· 6mo

    2 yrs on pills. we living. and being happy. y'all got this.

  • SevenThr33

    Just spent an hour looking for this song and emailed a total…


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