• Everything Green
    Everything Green 

    Your voice is pretty dope, keep going 💪 Let’s connect, hit …

  • Killa Baby
    Killa Baby 

    nice! Stay onnat grind brah

  • EDMND (∆uTo|\/|∆TiK∆)
    EDMND (∆uTo|\/|∆TiK∆) 

    Cool track my brother is really amazing 😍 work share it eve…

  • PROCESPECT (@procespect)
    PROCESPECT (@procespect) 

    Love this man keep grinding

  • Demo flwassey
    Demo flwassey 

    he's the king is the vibe my bro

  • et al.
    et al. 

    Great vocals, wow they poppin so nice. Cool beat, great trac…

  • Jayy Reckless💕😈
    Jayy Reckless💕😈 

    Id he really a king my boy?

  • 1conic $wyf
    1conic $wyf 

    Hid the king but a virgin too

  • pacino

    He’s the king🔥🔥ooh intro going crazy,, bar after bar

  • H.O.P.E

    this is hard! nice job with this one for real