• dreadforceduo867

    I remembered when i faced 02 and it scared me for life.

  • pudding boi

    this does not sound like its from kirby at all

  • mightystarX

    my friend when I say zero two "so u like anime girls" me thi…

  • mightystarX

    me after replaying the first world to get the last shard i m…

  • Cappy314

    This has not gotten enough recognition

  • LordAxolotl7

    ok, now THIS IS EPIC


    Idk how you don’t have more followers/subs man, this stuff i…

  • Noole 201

    Holy shit i just noticed magolors theme is in this!!!

  • Thunderkid1

    Zero is my favorite reploi- i mean kirby villian!

  • Noole 201

    The begininng sound like it would be in Robobot.