5. Universe (feat. Marquis)

5. Universe (feat. Marquis)


As He Thinketh is a collaborative album by artists Take1 and Ghost. This album gives insight to the mindset and dedication of two spiritually righteous men that are truly led by Yah, and follows all of his laws & statute…

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  • Chris Mitchell
    Chris Mitchell 

    This is song is soo good

  • Naamah Ria
    Naamah Ria 

    Shabbat Shalum still listening take1 Barakatha APYAH YAHWEH …

  • GentileBrethren

    💯Yahweh who is the universe is everything🔥🎁👑🎵🎵

  • Aim

    The universe,,, gotta flow with yah, yah is everything & alw…


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