• Aimée Britannia

    wow so exotic and dreamy 😍😍 beautiful!

  • Lydia Light

    Nice tempo great vocals catchy lyrics nice production

  • TuomoKS


    · 1y

    Nice guitar, great singing. Smooth jazzy tune. Great job!

  • User NickJC

    Great sounding track. Keep it up

  • Malius Elaine

    Like the vibe. Perfect to chill!


    Awesome piano and vocals, top notch melody too

  • DarKYYComet

    Vibes! Liking the vocal work! Nice instrus. selection! Smoot…

  • YoTCK (@itsyotck)

    These voices are hella clean fr

  • Rodirection

    Wow this is such a grooving track. Love to hear more 🤙🏾

  • Style LeXXX

    r&b is still alive with this 1 bro