• Baxlife 3
    Baxlife 3 

    Could you please post all your Junlge tapes? like Jungle Kil…

  • First Person
    First Person 

    do you have any of these cassettes laying around?

  • Umbrelladown

    That opening piano <3. Love this tune

  • djexploit

    You giving me a thumbs up during one of my sets is to this d…

  • DJ Ortega
    DJ Ortega 

    i need your lovin' like the sunshine !!!

  • Aperture (413)
    Aperture (413) 

    What are some of the artists featured in this mix? I wouldn'…

  • BoP_Promo

    sick intro!

  • Johnny Blais /Funkd Up
    Johnny Blais /Funkd Up 

    I miss pullin out shit like this!!! AVH!!! Killer Tune!!

  • digitallycrafted

    I wore every tape of yours I ever had to dust..

  • Bobby Mello
    Bobby Mello 

    And to think I was around 6 months old when you did this