Blissfully Ignorant

Blissfully Ignorant

Dontae Harriss

You see the truth
Michael Jackson on my shoe the way I lean
And no they cannot compete

Because blissfully
These haters is ignorant

Black baggy suit pants
Flyer than SEDANS
U steady DODGING a nigga the way I CHA…

Recent comments

  • Kay-Ndries

    blissfully ignorant is a dope trap track

  • Aimée Britannia

    really cool hard flow ayy! This sick aff yes 🔥🔥

  • Cale C

    Cale C

    Verified badge· 1mo

    Groovy brother . Keep going fs

  • KAYO


    · 1mo

    This is fire shii keep it going nice work overall on it


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