Worldline (naviarhaiku375)

Worldline (naviarhaiku375)

El Wud

Inspired by this haiku written by Nozawa Bonchō (1640 - 1714):
The long, long river
A single line
On the snowy plain

The world line (or worldline) of an object is the path that object traces in 4-dimensional spacetime. …

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  • Teth Sin
    Teth Sin 

    Amazing sonic meditation, dear El Wud!! Love it! <3<3<3

  • Pre Polar
    Pre Polar 

    Cool ambient track~

  • No Mates Ensemble
    No Mates Ensemble 

    great piece will cool developments and changes

  • idematoa

    Nice piece 😍 🍀 🎶 🎧


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