Gaijin Season 1 外人 -  [Full LP]

Gaijin Season 1 外人 - [Full LP]

Elijah Nang

Gai-jin -(Noun) foreigner.

A tale about a foreigner who woke up in a mysterious land covered in mist.

As he was looking at his surroundings he bumped into a kid named Riku who had a broken wooden sword, Riku was excite…

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  • Allan


    · 7mo

    Amo esta cancion! 22/12/2023 ❤️

  • Lo-fi City

    Lo-fi City

    · 10mo

    RIP to a great one

  • fk1blow


    · 11mo

    ichi :)

  • kyu


    · 1y

    my fav lofi album to this day


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