How To Play [Prod. Willis]

How To Play [Prod. Willis]

E.P. the Dreamer

"How To Play" is about mentors telling me what to do or how to act accordingly, but have no truth or direction in what they were saying🤦🏻‍♂️. They made me think I could cheat the process like some do in today's world b…

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  • KayelaJ


    · 10mo

    heard the dame bar check out Wynne "the thesis" on imusic or…

  • LilBro


    · 1y

    this beat is crazy AF bruh ong

  • Lil Skidrow

    Fire single from E.P the Dreamer. Nice one G!

  • ceenjow_tha_KING777

    this is an awesome track fam🔥 keep working hard


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