[ WR2M1 ] Emotions Of Tokyo-To

[ WR2M1 ] Emotions Of Tokyo-To

Finn For A Fish (Account 1)

DOG MAN: * He better not steal anything this Christmas! *
BUDDY: Can you help me out, I'm frozen over here and you're out there and-

RESULTS: soundcloud.com/finn-for-a-fish/wr2m1-results

2 Mello - Here I Go (Crime: Gra…

Recent comments

  • TheTrueMeme!

    It’s close but I’m gonna vote for dogman

  • Glacial11

    Let’s go Buddy!

  • Useless_Starman

    funny dog will suffer (he has a hatebase for some reason)

  • Rowatever

    bussiness man pull based


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