• Kurt Yazdizadeh

    man this whole set just sounds like a Porter DJ set <3 I LOV…

  • Josue Abraham Cortez

    The last song with Miku x Porter made me feel things <3 :o l…

  • rdchoke


    · 11mo

    quite possibly the best mix ever on sc

  • jiho jake park

    lucky I've found amazing DJ now

  • MaxisPrime

    This is so smooth!

  • DoritosYa

    Such a good mix. Definitely saving this for long car rides!

  • Leonard_elite

    Song at 7:52?

  • baedyn


    · 1y

    FIRE MIX!! What song is this omg,

  • doitwitsteve

    aye this set is amazing yo

  • User 997093658

    Nothing but hype. I remember that night hell yea. Was too ti…