A Diamond's Quest

Like diamonds
As if diamonds were scattered in the sky,
so glittered the stars in the evening,
close enough to touch, yet far too far,
a treasure from the farthest reaches.
Now I know why the night warms me so,
when the …

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  • ElectroTrek


    ยท 2mo

    The way you delicately trickle across those keys is intoxica…

  • Midisound


    ยท 3mo

    Music to soothe the soul.

  • Ralph Bilouppie

    Ralph Bilouppie

    ยท 4mo

    Both quiet, melodic and epic ! Nice blend !o)

  • DAN - DT

    DAN - DT

    ยท 4mo

    Un court moment symphonique oรน le piano a une place majeure …


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