Main instruments used taken from Spitfire Audio's BBC Symphony Discover except piano, oboe, choir, pecussion and risers ๐Ÿ™‚

The farewell is now announced,
nature mourns,
the summer is too much aged,
its clock is now tick…

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  • Andrew Raine 1

    Andrew Raine 1

    ยท 6mo


  • ++4dz++


    ยท 7mo

    Great orchestration!!

  • Debra Buesking

    Debra Buesking

    ยท 7mo

    I hate to say goodbye (or at least farewell) to October. You…

  • David Dunham

    David Dunham

    ยท 7mo

    The gales of early autumn give way to a sweet and peaceable …


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