Roadkill Blues

Roadkill Blues

Dred Fouglas

Original song by Dred Fouglas.

Enjoy them extra loud fornicating cicadas in the background.


Bet you’ll see my swollen half-dead carcass
on a highway side
thumbing for a ride
Buzzards circling overhead
just …

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  • Sister Mary Ellen
    Sister Mary Ellen 

    I’ll be damned if I don’t hear Jim Croce guitar in portions …

  • Darren Sullivan
    Darren Sullivan 

    great sound. Toe tapper

  • Toney Wright
    Toney Wright 

    Listening to this song's been the most fun I've had since th…

  • Bruce Avery
    Bruce Avery 

    But what if we make a nastier mess after cleaning up yours? …


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