2019 - 03 - 17 - 1 Frauds And Fakes

2019 - 03 - 17 - 1 Frauds And Fakes

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This week John looks and Frauds and Fakes and explains why the Leaving Neverland movie caused a fight between himself and his wife and goes on to talk about about some of the reactions and fall out to the interviews of t…

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  • melomelomelo19

    Good podcast sir it's unbelievable to find somebody so objec…

  • Stoyan Stoyanov
    Stoyan Stoyanov 

    Thank you for your critical analysis. When it comes to Micha…

  • Casey Muir 1
    Casey Muir 1 

    High time the real truth comes out on 2washed up dancers, wh…

  • Danni-Rae Harding
    Danni-Rae Harding 

    The voice of reason and sense! Thank goodness we’ve got you …


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