Une Idée Fixe

Une Idée Fixe


I must plead 'nolo contendere'.
Just couldn't help mySelf.
It came out of an Improvisation
and became an earworm.
Had to post it! :-D

May you InJOY.

© Gary Courtland-Miles 2021
℗ Gary Courtland-Miles 2021


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  • Eric Festa
    Eric Festa 

    This is fantastic!

  • Debra Buesking
    Debra Buesking 

    Enjoyed listening very much! The best music is often the spo…

  • Anomon

    I Appreciate your comment, man! Thanks. :)

  • Daniels & Durgy
    Daniels & Durgy 

    Hard to put a finger on what resonates here, but it totally …


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