• KING ZAY (100k)

    We need a feat nigga you a actual demon

  • Melzzz


    · 9h

    cool cover art bro. explicit warning is a lil off tho

  • Luh Vxnny

    Luh Vxnny

    · 16h

    the way you deliver your vocals I swear it's so good bro

  • JCampos Ent Records

    goin in good sht my dude keep grindin

  • redlight rapper21

    good song broski I love your voice on this track 🔥💯

  • Lucas Rabs

    track is fye jus needa work on the flow a bit more and the m…

  • D3RY


    · 1d

    damn man thats good this shit

  • irresponsible RAPS

    I love the energy bro,it's mad

  • big richhh

    Playboi is the only one who can help with

  • Ricky Bennett

    Hard shit bro keep at it need to hear more