Heavens To Murgatroyd!

Heavens To Murgatroyd!

Ghost Eater

I breathe your disease
All the malice you seethe
The pain of the life you lead
All your games and your schemes
You're suffering now
And you're suffering me
You struggle to see
And you've fought your way through
But it's …

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  • The Lexigators
    The Lexigators 

    some heavy sounds here. great production and vocals

  • Reza HM
    Reza HM 

    very heavy🤘🏻🤘🏻 I like it. good job.

  • Silence in Surrender
    Silence in Surrender 

    tight, heavy and broootal. Love it.

  • Butcher the Name
    Butcher the Name 

    Love the screams! Heavy drums and hard af riff!!


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