LOK-DOWN (Rough unmastered home recording)

LOK-DOWN (Rough unmastered home recording)

Lokjaw / Glimmaman

Written new track whilst in lockdown. Unable to professionally record and master, worth dropping now as very relevant!! Full mastered mix to come!!

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  • Furuya Kiyoraku
    Furuya Kiyoraku 

    SWEEEETTT!I legit love this songgg! Check us out - at my bak…

  • s-man (Semantix Tha Sorcera)
    s-man (Semantix Tha Sorcera) 

    Yooooo!! So good to hear new LOK flows bro


    Yo that step in so cold. BIG Bars 🤑🤑

  • JTdental



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