Intro (The Conqueror Worm) (prod. by Kalou)

Intro (The Conqueror Worm) (prod. by Kalou)


What you couldn’t possibly understand
Way past the robberies I’ve planned
Deeper than slugs from the shotty in ya man, no hesitation when I’m cockin it back
I want ehhthang, what u deposit 2 the plaques...
Study the soci…

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  • Solum

    mm yes that vibe always hits hard nice

  • L U A R.*@never.had.a.cult*
    L U A R.*@never.had.a.cult* 

    This is nice and old school so lit

  • bleachamigi

    this gives me oldschool slim shady vibes, super dope man

  • RNO Honcho
    RNO Honcho 

    Keep grinding bro I fw the vibes 🌟💯🔥


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