No Friends in the Industry (reprod. by IZM)

No Friends in the Industry (reprod. by IZM)


From Cali with Love coming on 2/22/2022!

Tough feat to come and step up to me
You get cut for free or whatever in the duffle b
Rust & concrete, puff the bomb tree
Them suckas is on to me, honestly
I’m hot as the lava…

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  • Triplegee

    Keep going bro dont stop

  • YnG Abyss
    YnG Abyss 

    Nice job M4, keep it up!!

  • Loue Ghazi Music
    Loue Ghazi Music 

    another amazing music and song well done

  • Taktikal

    The title alone hits, but this was dope bro 🔥🖤


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