Salus in Arduis (prod. by Leo Cheng)

Salus in Arduis (prod. by Leo Cheng)


Where do I begin it
Perhaps start at the endin
Before the grave cemented
I’ma break the limits
Been a disgrace for a minute
Witness the lane switchin
I’m the Same but Different
Turn ya brain wicked
Listen to the insane k…

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  • TeeTeeBo

    im enjoying the beat a lot bro

  • TCW Tre (@tcw_tre)
    TCW Tre (@tcw_tre) 

    ayy i like the chill vibe on the beat its very soulful boom …


    you slayed this beat, sound like its from drakes take care a…

  • Yung Kenan
    Yung Kenan 

    I really like your style man keep this up


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