Could You Hold Me Down (v2)

Could You Hold Me Down (v2)

Gogo Luck

In the long sound’s rays made haste
Embraced in yer sunny noon
Oh well yer grace, time a-waste! Need erased!
Yer place and yer dark bedroom
Know the long night’s moon dead gaze
Thread chains on yer back strap loom
Oh I c…

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  • Da Belvis Undagrownd
    Da Belvis Undagrownd 

    thank you for listening to my song and for being the beautif…

  • Mind Watching Your Elbow
    Mind Watching Your Elbow 

    epic drum beat!!!!!!! great lyrics cool vocals style <3

  • Kami Hunter
    Kami Hunter 

    This is really good! Thanks for sharing with us!

  • Larry Collen
    Larry Collen 

    I feel compelled to mention how much this reminds me of Smas…


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