Let There Be Me

Let There Be Me

⚕ Gom Jabbar

let there be me

when painters paint me
faces look saintly
but it takes more than a brush stroke to contain me
you once felt princely
and let there be me
except I'm as inescapable as time
(as inescapable as time)

I char…

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  • Karim Manjra
    Karim Manjra 

    Super creative sound! I like it!

  • Éric McLewis
    Éric McLewis 

    Great track! Your voice and arrangements reminds me of some …

  • Paul Haas
    Paul Haas 

    More goodness from you!

  • E.N.T.P.

    Added to my playlist, this is so original, I mean the tones …


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