• Gustave Deresse
    Gustave Deresse 

    What a voice 🖤🙏

  • James Whiteman
    James Whiteman 

    Love the arrangement. Great song and performance 👏👏

  • Charlie Williams
    Charlie Williams 

    Great songwriting and maintaining both drama and quirkiness.…

  • Virga

    Amazing job with guitars parts. Much feeling and great touch…

  • Christopher Woodiwiss
    Christopher Woodiwiss 

    really nice song love how bright the treble is in the mix

  • Рам и Дьякова
    Рам и Дьякова 

    Great game, beautiful song!

  • Florian Boden
    Florian Boden 

    Meaningful song. For you too I guess. Unfortunately, I only …

  • Jürgen Joherl
    Jürgen Joherl 

    Something different from you, yet a nice collaboration!☺️...…

  • Richard Green
    Richard Green 

    beautiful piece of music and very original

  • Corrupting Chemistry
    Corrupting Chemistry 

    Stretching the limits of a classical guitar! I like it.