Myths, Lies, Oil and Climate Wars - F. William Engdahl, #398

Myths, Lies, Oil and Climate Wars - F. William Engdahl, #398

We discuss his article, The Dark Story Behind Global Warming also known as Climate Change and his book, Myths, Lies and Oil Wars; the International Panel on Climate Change, the IPCC, draconian recommendations based on co…

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  • Lord Peridot
    Lord Peridot 

    Engdahl is a top guy but like some others its hard to know why he dismisses climate change. Maybe he is wrong. Cui bono? All the money is on the other side. Oil & coal. Climate science has been established for a century or more. Its just science.

  • user589313673

    Although I only occasionally disagree with Engdahl, as in this case, he is just about the best guest you've ever had on the show. This one turned my world upside down more than usual.

  • Jason Nguyen - Vietnam
    Jason Nguyen - Vietnam 

    How and why does SoundCloud permit such an intrusion in this page? How can this unauthorized posting be deleted?


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