[Undertale: Last Breath] The Slaughter Continues [Cover]

[Undertale: Last Breath] The Slaughter Continues [Cover]


okAy uh-
I only loosely based this cover on the original, I sort of just did my own thing with the song lol-
I know it's different from the original, but I hope you enjoy it anyways-

Original song by - soundcloud.com/be

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  • combine advisor from half life 3

    good but made by a gay fnf fan so im obligated to not like i…

  • J-Blade


    · 2mo

    if "The Glory Days" by benyic03 and the slaughter continues …

  • Dust Snas

    Dust Snas

    · 4mo


  • Miserabilit_yy

    I have no idea why this banger reminds me of sudden changes


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