halF kiT [disquiet0572] - 70 BPM

halF kiT [disquiet0572] - 70 BPM

halF unusuaL

More on this 572nd weekly Disquiet Junto project — Rhythm Kit (The Assignment: Make a beat that someone else will add to) — at: disquiet.com/0572/

More on the Disquiet Junto at: disquiet.com/junto/

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Recent comments

  • verstaerkermusic

    promising sounding drum-groove!

  • ikjoyce


    · 11mo

    Working on this....

  • Ya Wha?

    Ya Wha?

    · 11mo

    Love that fast repeating sound, reminds me of dropping a sau…

  • Robert Knote

    so so so nice!


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