Premiere:  Labyrinth Ear - Lorna (Kauf Remix)

Premiere: Labyrinth Ear - Lorna (Kauf Remix)


UK based electronic duo Labyrinth Ear is comprised of two people from opposite ends of the musical spectrum, brought together by their mutual tastes. Makers of melancholic electro-pop have just announced their debut albu…

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  • ifeelgoodA1

    Cessna flying over Miami type intro haha!

  • Walter Prottes
    Walter Prottes 

    What a pleasure for my ears :)

  • NeW OrLeAnS ChEf
    NeW OrLeAnS ChEf 

    This band and remix are on my top for chilling, drinking, an…

  • Yeti Flip
    Yeti Flip 



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