Over 9000

Over 9000


Over9000 is the first song on the (Over9000 Ep) by Instinct & Arsenic
The song is heavily influenced by various Anime and psycadelic experiences.
The beat used is by Cannibal ox
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  • Little Sain✚
    Little Sain✚ 

    i totally love the fact that you've included anime as part o…

  • Mendinn

    Bem viajante essa fala no começo! kakakaka curti a track, ac…

  • The Re-Up
    The Re-Up 

    what an interesting track man, very weird textures and shit …

  • Rekindle AKA wreklace
    Rekindle AKA wreklace 

    Sweet intro cool trippy sounds man. Cool scratching sounds b…


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