• D3V1L


    · 9mo

    this song just bri gs to much memory's that I used to never …

  • Madrix


    · 9mo

    The snippet still was the best

  • gangsleeprepeat

    This dude thinks hes celine dion. Youre trash bro

  • snutchybutchy429

    this man ain't getting the oven he deserves 🔥🔥🔥

  • Kgames 123

    I had no clue it was the guy from tiktok. I been bumpin this…

  • Dylon James Dean

    Just noticed this guy is from tiktok and i been listenin for…

  • Tiff Tiff Martinez


  • ifkedyobitch999stlye

    This lowkey fire

  • Matt K

    Matt K

    · 3y

    This isnt it mclovin