Perfect Dream (A Marc Freak Collaboration)

Perfect Dream (A Marc Freak Collaboration)

jon lock

Got to work with Marc Freak @marcfreak on this one after he foolishly offered to, in a comment on a track of mine. I spent a bit of time in London in the late eighties. Boy George was king, the food was still mostly blan…

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  • Baking Jazz Power
    Baking Jazz Power 

    Nice collab guys !! :) It sounds great !

  • Nemorivagus1

    good sounding track!😊🚀✨✨🌜

  • Daniels & Durgy
    Daniels & Durgy 

    Really enjoying this catchy and dreamy retro-rocker. Durge

  • GEBR K.
    GEBR K. 

    Very nice song, like yout style an voice - and of cause the …


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